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RayBella, Raymond and Gabriella Moliné are a spirited artist couple, residing on Maui, HI. Their merged backgrounds in consciousness research, quantum physics, metaphysics and bioenergetics have inspired them to design artwork that elevates the vibrational state of the observer. RayBella are contemporary alchemists, merging artistic expressions with healing frequencies and spiritual wisdom to enhance the ecology of the space in which their creations reside.

RayBella Monique 1.webp


Raymond and Gabriella cocreate art as a synergistic expression of their love for each other, for the beautiful island that they call home and for the sacredness of the Hawaiian culture. For the past decade RayBella have been diligent in their pursuit of spreading the message of ALOHA, which is the unwavering ethical commitment and core of RayBella’s life work and purpose. They are passionate in building cultural bridges and aim to creatively educate people around the world about powerful Hawaiian knowledge that holds the potential for a vital paradigm shift.

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